1. Where can you fill application for a loan?
For the comfort of customers our organization offers a couple of choices: the application for loan can be filled in our client’s home or work place, also it can be completed in one of our offices.
2. What documents are needed to be submitted?
First is needed a copy of ID card or passport and one of the following documents that proves an income: a printout of a bank statement, reference from a workplace (if you are paid in cash). The reference must include a full name, personal number, working position, working experience and the amount of the salary and all company details (stamp, signature of the director and serial number).
3. How long does it take us to approve the loan?
After filling the application and presentation of all needed documents till 24 hrs. you’ll receive an answer and you can get the money.
4. Where and how can you get your money?
Our company gives client a choice between client’s home, on the working place or in one of our offices.
5. How can you make installments?
Our clients choose best payment opportunity for them: bank transfer, cash in one of our offices, Express Pay boxes of Bank of Georgia or direct to Mobile Microcredit Officer who gives you receipt. Our company advises you to keep all receipts till end of loan agreement.
6. What are the penalties for late payment of installments?
If a client pays installments late loses chance to receive a money bonus which our company offers, also begin to accrue fines by agreement. On the 31th day of delay client goes in negative list of CreditInfo Georgia.
7. Can you apply for a loan after you were previously rejected?
Of course, after 3 months you can apply for a loan if the following have changed: working place, amount of the salary, another source of income have appeared, social status has changed etc.